About Ylenia

Ylenia is running for re-election for her Governing Board seat in the Osborn School District No. 8. As the current Osborn School District Governing Board President, she has committed to running for re-election to continue to be in a position to influence policy that supports student learning. As a person who truly values and supports public education, she will continue to do this passionately and proudly. Ylenia brings all of her experiences as a parent of one Osborn School District child and a one former Osborn School District student, Vice President of Strategies 360 Cultura, and as a community member to make the best decisions for the students and families of the Osborn School District.

Ylenia was highly active at both of her son’s schools,  and was asked to participate in committees at a district level. The more she learned about school governance, the more she was able to see that her influence would have widespread support of the community, particularly in the Latino community. The Osborn School District Governing Board in 2016 had zero representation of current parents and Ylenia knew that her obligation to support her children’s education had to take a greater role. She ran for an open seat and won election to the Board, assuming the seat in January 2017. Ylenia served the first year as a Member, and since has been elected to leadership on the Board, first as Clerk in 2018, and two consecutive terms (currently serving) as Board President in 2019 and 2020.

In her time on the Board, Ylenia has had tremendous impact on partnerships and opportunities through her vast contacts. Ylenia was a member of Valley Leadership Class 39, and alone through relationships forged with these classmates has brought programs through Cox Communications, Be A Leader Foundation, and Tetra String Quartet. Additionally her relationships with the Consulado General de México and Zero Mass Water have brought language learning opportunities and materials as well as a free, sustainable hydropanel system to our Middle School.

As a product of the public school system, she understands the culture and climate of public education. As an engaged parent, at Clarendon Elementary School, she engages daily with the Osborn community. She helped to establish the community garden at Encanto Elementary. In addition, Ylenia served on the Task Force to establish the Montecito Dual Language Preschool. As a result of being involved within the Osborn School District on a regular basis.

As the VP of Strategies 360 Cultura a national firm —she ensures that the clients and communities she serves catalyze lasting, positive change. As a fully bilingual and biliterate person, she recognizes the importance  of being global contributors. She celebrates the success of the Dual Language Program in the Osborn School district and wants to work to ensure this program continues to flourish and grow as the community demands. Both of her sons participated in the Dual Language program.

One of the biggest takeaways from Ylenia’s experience in the Osborn School District, is the importance of supporting teachers, faculty, and staff to ensure they have the resources necessary to achieve the mission and vision of the District.